Top Q-ride trainer, Dave really looks after you through the whole process, apart from being a top bloke he’s very thorough with his training and you will not walk away without learning a thing or two, highly recommended for anyone looking to get there motorbike licence

Ashley Old

Dave is fantastic at what he does! Only recently had my first re lesson. I went to him a tad nervous knowing id never been on a bike, he made the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. A few lessons later and I’m just about ready to sit my QRIDE test to obtain my RE. Something i thought would be a good 12 months away up until i started with Dave. Cant recommend him highly enough!!!

Johnny Long

Highly recommend! Makes you feel so comfortable & puts your safety first! Been to a few different training company’s but this one is by far the best!


Great and thorough job Dave !!  Can’t wait to catch up for more training

Bill Armstrong